What to do When Your Child Hits You? (How to Handle it!)

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What to do When Your Child Hits You? How to Handle it when your child hits you!!

The Parenting Junkie addresses hitting. One viewer writes in saying help my kid hits me and asking how to handle it when your child hits you. In this video you’ll learn what to do when your child hits you or what to do when your toddler hits you. These methods also address what to do when your child bites you and what to do when your toddler bites you. You’ll also learn how to stop a toddler hitting and what to do when your child hits. It can be triggering when a child hits you and that’s why you’ll learn what to do when your toddler hits and what to do when your child bites. It can be especially triggering to see a child hitting during tantrum. The toddler stage usually comes with hitting and biting and it can be upsetting when your toddler bites you or hits you and this video will address what to do when your toddler bites. This applies to all ranges including 3 year old hitting, 4 year old hitting, and 2 year old hitting. You’ll learn what to do about hitting and how to handle kids hitting. After watching this you’ll walk away knowing what to do about children hitting and what to do about kids hitting.

Does your child hit you or others? What to do about hitting? Is it normal? Here’s my take.

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Huge peace and hope you guys like this!
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