The Environment to Encourage Independent Play – Dr. Laura Markham (Peaceful Parenting)

Dr. Laura Markham of “Aha! Parenting” endorses The Parenting Junkie for her work including her focus on independent play. **Join Present Play before doors close, May 1! **

“Avital is a play wizard,” says Dr Laura Markham. She helps to design an environment where child led play is nourished and they can thrive which is beneficial to both the child AND the parent. It’s not just child-led play but deep play that is meaningful and helps support independent play. Avital knows how to set up the environment to encourage independent play and helps you learn how to encourage your child to play independently in your own home. A peaceful parenting approach is possible when encouraging independent play and you can teach a child to play independently without shouting at them to, “Go play!” Both of these parenting experts can teach you how to encourage independent play (and even how to encourage your toddler to play alone while you work,) and facilitate independent play in your home.

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Don’t just survive…thrive.

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