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What exactly do you get in the Create Vision Package? You’re going to get everything you need to create your own little Create Vision Workshop.

Do it alone or with your partner.

Do it in bed, in a coffee shop or in a hotel somewhere.

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Either way, I need to warn you: Going through this process might make you unbearably enthusiastic about your life and razor-sharp focused on your purpose as a family.

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Show Notes:
Many people find they lose aspects of their identity when they have kids. Can you relate? This year has certainly made it more challenging to hold onto our identities. Many things in our lives have been “lost” (or put on hold) during the pandemic, and it has been hard. 

If you’re feeling like you’ve lost yourself, you’re in the right place. You can view the full show notes at

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Parenting & Identity Loss: Not “What,” But “How?”

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